Mobile Alabama Bail Procedures

  • Booking– Mobile Metro Jail- All Federal-State- Mobile , Prichard, Dauphin Island inmates are housed at this facility. All other Municipalities house their inmates in there own facility.
  • Inmate information– No bonds can be posted until an inmate is booked and his information is entered into the system. This information can be obtained by logging into the Metro Jail Website or contacting one of our agents who will obtain this information for you at no cost.
  • Bail– This is where you should begin seeking out a dependable, honest and reliable agent. You may not always need a Bail Bondsman! Cash Bail may be paid directly to the Jail. You may be eligible for Property or Own recognizance  Corporate Surety Bond requires you to employ the services of a Bail Agent to post your bail.
  • No bond– In these cases we can assist you in finding out the date and time for your loved ones bail hearing at which time the court sets bail. No bonds are generally set in cases involving capital crime , but are also set in the event a defendant failed to appear in court or has received additional charges while out on bail.
  • Cosigner- Best Bail Bonds considers this the most important element of any bail agreement. This is basically the individual who is willing to stand liable for the defendant. A cosigner is agreeing to stand liable for the face amount of the bond or what ever it cost to return the defendant to court if he chooses not to appear on his own. Having this person qualified by our agents is the first step in getting your loved one released.
  • Application and contract- Our agents will assist you in this process and remind you to read carefully because you are making certain obligations.
  • Fees- Call for quote


***** You are not obligated to pay bail fees to any bail company that you did not contract with prior to posting your bail. Without a contract a bail bondsman has no authority to apprehend you. This is a practice referred to as dropping bonds. *****